The company was founded in 2004, specializes in the production of padded coats in real goose down. The strategy is particular: the principle of direct sales to the high end of the market and, initially, only to the Japanese. In the name of the company vision: "duvet" (the term of the Alps for the prized flake of down) and "ethics" (at the base of the production chain). The varied luxury composition of the final product: the the gray goose feathers come from France, the interior is the trendiest fabrics Japanese and Italian. Our selection of duvets Duvetica man and woman is varied, with different lengths and fabrics for every occasion, from sporty head to more casual.

Check out our wide selection of duvets man and woman Duvetica that does more for you and your look for winter 2018-2019.





€195.00 - €285.00


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