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  • 40 Weft

    40WEFT is a young brand, to be sport but fashionable. Among casual and elegance, trendy and vintage. Known for its shorts, the collection has evolved expanding range of pants and t-shirt reflected in finding customers. Men are born leaders and well-made woman, with different cuts, but always focusing on the quality of materials and attention to detail.

  • Almeria

    ALMERIA is the only exclusive licensee of the fabric "tuleté": it is the right compromise between the old "tulle" commonly marketed and used to produce the jersey T-Shirt. Thus was born the motto "Feel the comfort, dress the difference", a play on words that exemplifies what the material is comfortable to wear and how his "hand" to the touch and showing unmistakable nell'a- respect than its predecessors.

  • Archivio '67

    A woman searching for a particular shirt in different materials, patterns and cuts, finds in line ARCHIVE '67 the solution. Italian Design always fashionable with different fabrics for you to enjoy. We offer silk shirts but also cotton, plain or fancy, short sleeves or long sleeves prints.

  • Bastille

    Bastille® develops in principle organic cottons, adding to the basic white, other colors obtained from natural dyes as the ', caffe', tobacco, blueberry, sulfur.

    Colorful prints and theme make unique t-shirts Bastille.

  • Camerucci

    The Italian exception scarf to clean and with materials of excellence. Prints and manufacture make the Camerucci scarves unique.

  • Camplin

    Mr Camplin was well-known for supplying uniforms to the Royal Navy. It was in fact his idea to suggest the use of the Peacoat as part of the Petty Officer's uniform. Up until then Petty Officers had the same uniform as ordinary able seamen. However they needed their own uniform to make the distinction but something that would be more practical than the Great Coat which senior Officers had. Mr Camplin than came up with the idea of a jacket, having the same important style as a coat but the practical ease in movement of a jacket. So the P. Officers got their P.Coat (P for Petty in Petty Officer) which then for phonetic reasons became the word Peacoat. This is the story behind why Mr Camplin is rightly believed by many to be the inventor of the Peacoat.

  • Ciesse Piumini

    Ciesse Piumini Jackets  for fall-winter 2017 season are conceived and designed to be lightweight, colorful, fashionable and with the right price for the modern and sporty consumer. Discover our range of summer jackets in various colors and also in special variants.

  • Circolo 1901

    Easy but not simple. We are people who want neither to convince nor impress. We just do what we do best. We eliminate what is superfluous to leave out the essence. Let's start with what is authentic and original to make the way of being and dressing modern, easy and convenient.
    The jacket Circolo 1901 man or woman is a combination of comfort and refined materials with a contemporary fit.

  • Citizens Of Humanity

    The Fall Collection is inspired by 50s work wear denim and 80s new wave accents. New denim wash ranges from well worn vintage shades to clean dark with a returned focus on black. Find your new favorite styles from classic high waisted skinnies to slim fit boyfriend.

  • Diadora

    Heritage Diadora reworks leisure shoes that have shaped the history of the sport, from the legendary 70's to those of the most recent sports legends. Tennis, football, cycling, athletics: Heritage repeats the same patterns shod in their companies by the great champions of the past Diadora. The original loyalty is absolute, except for some changes to allow you to fully enjoy your free time, walking in absolute freedom.

  • Diesel

    Brand recognized worldwide as a leader in jeans for men and women. Diesel offers always washes, fabrics and cuts the leading edge.

  • Duvetica

    The company was founded in 2004, specializes in the production of padded coats in real goose down. The strategy is particular: the principle of direct sales to the high end of the market and, initially, only to the Japanese. In the name of the company vision: "duvet" (the term of the Alps for the prized flake of down) and "ethics" (at the base of the production chain). The varied luxury composition of the final product: the the gray goose feathers come from France, the interior is the trendiest fabrics Japanese and Italian. Our selection of duvets Duvetica man and woman is varied, with different lengths and fabrics for every occasion, from sporty head to more casual.

    Check out our wide selection of duvets man and woman Duvetica that does more for you and your look for winter 2016-2017.

  • Entre Amis

    The pants with the newest and most comfortable cut. Dry and with a regular life, stretch pants Entre Amis is a must for men.

  • Guardaroba

    For a woman with a style all of her own and very personal, come and see our choice of the wardrobe line for women spring-summer 2018.

  • Harris Wharf

    Harris Wharf London is a contemporary outerwear brand that reimagines classic formalwear. Based in London but produced in Turin, the label is infused with London sensibilities. Tailored coats and blazers are sophisticated and cast in a range of muted colours as well as bold brights and come in a variety of felted wools and cashmeres. All of the brands outerwear features raw edges and are unlined to give them a youthful take on traditional tailoring.

  • Herno

    The jackets are Herno emblem of Made in Italy modern. Stylistic and manufacturing consistency fruit of that exquisitely Italian ability that makes unique garments in the global landscape. The Herno collection for spring-summer season 2018 has been chosen to protect you but also make you elegant with every outfit. Trench coats, jackets, coats and dusters Herno men and women will make you stay warm, sheltered from wind and rain and fashionable.

  • Honns

    HONNS gloves combine old world craftsmanship with new world technology. Each pair is meticulously made with one goal in mind: disrupting the monotony of ill- fitting, monochromatic handwear. 


  • Incotex

    Incotex è un brand tutto italiano di pantaloni destinati alla fascia alta del mercato.

  • Joe's Jeans

    Joe's Jeans® is an American brand, founded in 2001 by Joe Dahan.  Joe's redefines everyday style with its inherently LA sensibility and distinctive rock and roll point-of-view. With a collection of chic and sophisticated silhouettes, its denim is designed to meet the needs of every body type.

    After the success of the women's line, Joe launched a men's line.

    With the emphasis on offering a perfect fit for everyone, the brand adopts a revolutionary approach to denim and its classic models, incorporating the most advanced technology to offer a product that is beautiful, innovative and simply perfect. Joe's Jeans offers a classic and modern range of timeless styles, including high-quality jeans, hand-made pieces, wardrobe essentials and footwear. 

  • Jucca

    He passion for design and art is palpable: at the headquarters, the structure contrasts harmoniously with collectibles and artworks, details of a lifestyle that the two founders transfer to Market Industrie in a veritable ethical and aesthetic manifesto.

    Here you will find a complete catalog of the look Jucca women including jackets, dresses, pants and shirts.

  • Kangra

    Knitwear made in Italy is linked to Kangra brand. Variety of models, fabrics and colors all packed in Italy give a guarantee to the buyer to buy an item made with care in all its details.
    We suggest the men's knitwear and woman both in merino wool in cashmeire, jackets and chanel woman in wool all with the Italian excellence.

  • Lempelius

    Lempelius manufactures a new generation of coats and jackets. Bettina Lempelius, who was born in Hamburg, Germany, studied and worked in New York, until she founded the label in Berlin 2004.

  • Majesticfilatures


    For twenty-five years now, Majestic Filature, a French brand, has been developing luxury T-shirts, exclusively handmade in Paris and produced in Europe. Majestic Filature only creates high quality products. They select luxurious and comfortable fabrics to wear. The used materials are subjected to a pre-wash and subsequently undergo numerous quality tests.

  • Myths

    The brand now specializes in the production of men's shorts. The concept behind it is to become the bermuda a real cult item.

    Attention to detail, quality materials, innovative treatments combine harmoniously to the realization of the pants and shorts for men.

  • New Balance

    The New Balance brand was born in Boston in 1906. The main objective of the company New Balance is to be the best in the world in the production of footwear and sportswear high-performance and high-quality lifestyle, staying true to the values of Integrity and Teamwork. Our shop has bet heavily on New Balance for the convenience of his sneakers and differentiation of models to enable you to express your style. You will also find the timeless New Balance 991 Made in the UK and the running models.

  • One Green Elephant

    One: There is only ONE "ONE GREEN ELEPHANT" Green: Green symbolizes prosperity and success Elephant: an Elephant with the trunk upward is a sign of good luck

  • Orciani

    A historic brand for women's accessories, offers a new collection of leather bags made in Italy in various colors. The fashion model in the 2017 season is "Sveva" in the three sizes: small 1999, medium 2006 and big 1979 in "Soft" leather. Come and discover our range and also the new 2018 preview.

  • People Of Shibuya

    The brand People of Shibuya, designs and manufactures technical outerwear that will is also synonym of style and sartorial care. 

    The persistent technological research integrates the most advanced solutions with impeccable fit, thus ensuring outstanding comfort in all settings both business and outdoors.

  • Peuterey

    The Italian brand Peuterey, a symbol of elegance and practicality, is back to being a must. For the winter season 2017 you will find a wide choice of men's and women's outerwear. Warm but surprisingly elegant, Peuterey items are adaptable and suitable for any situation. Peuterey Down Jackets are made with craftsmanship and excellent raw materials, technical fabrics, nylon and microfiber.

  • Philippe Model Paris

    Leader of sneakers, made in Italy. The success of Philippe Model shoes certainly comes from the creative exchange that combines the experience of Made in Italy to the taste French bon ton. The hand-built sole is just one of the stylistic and technological innovations adroitness that attach to the shoe for a tailored cut. With the two main models of sneakers Philippe Model Paris, Classic and Tropez, you will always be fashionable with elegance.

  • Premiata

    Premiata a brand now cool in the snekaers world both man and woman. For the construction of the sneakers, Italian fabrics and valuable fabrics are used, and the best suppliers are used in the funds according to the model. Experience the new models and new variants for the spring-summer 2018 women's models Dianne and Conny, and Lucy, Prince and Mick's man in various fantasies and combinations of fabrics and materials.

  • Pt 01

    The trouser becomes an object that can arouse emotions: in designing the product, the pattern buys centrality over the fabric. The signature PT01 caps are characterized by distinctive details. At the bottom there is a careful research activity to identify original ideas and ideas to work on fine-tuning articles that can attract and inspire the consumer. PT01 mixes contemporary quality tailoring and innovation, adding, as they say in the company. Following the latest market information, it is extremely important to look for particular finishing in the head, to give the finest fabrics, always used, a new and different appearance. The fabrics with microfantasie and slim stretch and super slim stretch fabrics satisfy the varied needs of man.

  • Pt 05

    The trousers with 5 pockets according to the philosophy of the PT company. Innovative materials, current modern washing tones, intern manufacture of the finishing touch, in order to make the five-pocket-trousers special and unique. Available in different styles: slim-fit, stretch and super slim stretch. 

  • Pt0W

    The pants becomes an object capable of arousing emotions in conceiving the product, the model acquires centrality to the fabric. The leaders signed PT01 turin trousers are characterized by distinctive details. At its core is an accurate research, done in collaboration with 'cool hunters' scattered throughout the world, to identify ideas and original ideas, to work for the development of products that are able to attract and excite the consumer. PT01 turin trousers, mix in a contemporary sartorial quality and innovation, adding, as they say in the company, 'a pinch of self-irony'. Following the latest market indications it has been given great importance to the research of special finishing in chief, to give to the rich fabrics, always used, a new and different look. Perhaps it is in this 'being different' that must be sought the reason for the success of PT01.

  • Ralph Lauren

    One of the best known brands in the world, with a unique and super copied logo. The "horse". Here you can find a wide assortment of Polo in all colors, but also shirts, sweaters, sweat shirts, shorts bathing.

  • Red

    From the experience of Rede brand-born Red Sox a new brand of socks designed for those who love to stand out at every opportunity. Calzificio Parabiago brings to market a great stylistic excellence product. No longer a mere "accessory stocking", but a real tool of seduction. Every Red Sox-fact collection is designed for men and women daring and creative living fashion as fun: modern gentlemen who like to show off their own stylistic independence, far from clichés and stereotypes, and only women who want to enhance their femininity with a trendy accessory. Graphic original and fun, innovative design and unique technologies make every Red Sox-stocking a real piece of clothing with which to have fun, play games.

  • Re_branded

    Re-Branded is the men's and women's 100% cashmere sweater, made with totally recycled material.

    Discover a new concept of crew-neck sweater, V neck and tall man's neck; Over and long women's sweaters. Made in Italy.

  • Roy Rogers

    The woman Roy Roger's is not an exaggerated fashion woman but exalts the garments wearing a delicate femininity, thanks to current and chic fit in the collection. Jeans in various sizes and in various washes.

  • Saucony

    The Saucony brand was born in 1898 in Pennsylvania, along the banks of the river Saucony, also picked in the logo. Saucony is specialized in the production of high-quality shoes and lightness, without sacrificing fashion. On our site you'll find a wide assortment man, woman and child in the various models woman Jazz, Jazz Man, Jazz limited edition, Shadows and Dixon but also the Jazz as a child. To get out of the monotony of the usual tones, colors your seasons with Saucony sneakers!

  • Save the Duck

    The Save the Duck brand has carved out an important part in the world of the jacket and down jacket, combined with the introduction of synthetic insulation of an ultra lightweight nylon. No goose feather, but sought serial, trends and special details. all nylon ultrassottile made quilts with synthetic padding "Plumtech" to give softness, warmth and also lightness with comfort.

  • Stone Island

    A symbol of extreme fiber and fabric research applied to innovative design, Stone Island is an iconic brand but at the same time popular with young people. Who wears Stone Island is the sporty man who does not give up quality. Our selection goes from duvets and jackets made with research materials, knitwear and sweatshirts with special washings and combination of fabrics, slim fit, colored pants, trousers and bermuda to finish even with sneakers. Browse our catalog: you can find the men's clothing from the last collection but also Stone Island in sale.

  • Sun 68

    The brand Sun Sixty Eight was born in 2005, it has established itself in the casual world with an attention to detail. With the desire to offer garments for everyday use. Brand specializing in polo categories, shorts, t-shirt for men and women. SUN68 does not look at the world of fashion but is inspired by the same people who want to accompany in everyday life.

  • Tintoria Mattei 954

    Dyeing Mattei is a brand all made in Italy. For the man who prefers casual shirt but especially glamorous, Dyeing Mattei offers the right balance. With its slim fit cuts and trendy patterns, it provides a classic item but one of a kind, for the man who likes to wear the shirts without sacrificing originality.

  • Woolrich

    Woolrich now absolute icon for the concept of parka man and woman offers a Giubboni line man and woman in feather embellished with hair, but we also find and trench coats, sweaters and sweatshirts. Discover our proposal Woolrich men and women for the spring-summer 2018.

  • Xacus

    Xacus, leading brand for qunanto concerns shirts man, is also international. Xacus combines tradition and innovation. Style unique, search for forms and materials, attention to detail are the cornerstones of the brand Xacus. In particular you will find a wide range of camcie men, each with cuts, different fabrics and patterns.