135 € - 165 €

Pt0W: Sales & New Arrivals

The pants becomes an object capable of arousing emotions in conceiving the product, the model acquires centrality to the fabric. The leaders signed PT01 turin trousers are characterized by distinctive details. At its core is an accurate research, done in collaboration with 'cool hunters' scattered throughout the world, to identify ideas and original ideas, to work for the development of products that are able to attract and excite the consumer. PT01 turin trousers, mix in a contemporary sartorial quality and innovation, adding, as they say in the company, 'a pinch of self-irony'. Following the latest market indications it has been given great importance to the research of special finishing in chief, to give to the rich fabrics, always used, a new and different look. Perhaps it is in this 'being different' that must be sought the reason for the success of PT01.

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