Stone Island: Fall-Winter Collection 2017 for Man

A symbol of extreme fiber and fabric research applied to innovative design, Stone Island is an iconic brand but at the same time popular with young people. Who wears Stone Island is the sporty man who does not give up quality. Our selection goes from duvets and jackets made with research materials, knitwear and sweatshirts with special washings and combination of fabrics, slim fit, colored pants, trousers and bermuda to finish even with sneakers. Browse our catalog: you can find the men's clothing from the last collection but also Stone Island in sale.

Crew-neck sweater in cotton crepe- 569B9

Crew-neck sweater in cotton crepe. The cotton is lightweight, breathable and comfortable. Neckline, cuffs and bottom of the knit with small rolled edge. Two pinstripes at cuffs. 

Cotton sweatshirt with hood- 65260

Cotton sweatshirt with hood and central zip closure. Drawstring in the hood. 2 patch pockets with diagonal entry. Ribbed cuffs and bottom.

Cotton hooded sweatshirt - 64960

Cotton hooded sweatshirt. The hood has a drawstring. Ribbed cuffs and hem. The garment was subjected to a special dye formula to achieve the old- effect, it is a special dyeing treatment, followed by discoloration in order to obtain a slightly worn effect.The model wears size M.

Crew-neck sweatshirt with pocket - 63960

Crew-neck sweatshirt made of cotton. Treated with a special dye formula in order to obtain an aged effect on the garment, this special dyeing treatment and the following discoloration provide for a slightly worn effect. Ribbed crew neck. Pocket on the chest. Ribbed cuffs.

Crew-neck sweatshirt - 65360

Crew-neck sweatshirt with long sleeves. The sweatshirt is garment-dyed with special and exclusive treatment of Stone Island, which first provides the dyeing and then a slight discoloration, to create the OLD effect. This treatment is carried out with the finished garment and makes the latter slightly worn.

Cotton sweatshirt- 62365

Cotton sweatshirt. The uniqueness of the color of this sweatshirt comes from the hand brushed color treatment, an exclusive treatment of Stone Island, developed recently by the same. It consists of a manual treatment that creates a particular and original two-tone effect, named "color corrosion". 

Long-sleeved shirt- 24557

Long-sleeved shirt with Stone Island's logo on the chest, tone-on-tone. Composition: 100% cotton

Short sleeve t-shirt - 2NS92

Short sleeve t-shirt, composed entirely of cotton jersey. On the chest is a distorted print of the Stone Island logo. Ribbed neckline. On the back of the t-shirt there is a small print of the Stone Island logo.

Short sleeve T-shirt with print - 2NS89

Short sleeve T-shirt, made of cotton jersey. Unique thanks to the print of the Stone Island's wind rose in a central position. Ribbed crew-neck. Small print of the Stone Island logo on the back of the t-shirt. The model wears size M.

Short sleeve t-shirt- 23788

Short sleeve t-shirt, made of cotton jersey. Pocket on the chest, above which is part of the print. The print was made on the finished garment; it is placed vertically along the T-Shirt and includes the writing of Stone Island and the geographical coordinates of Sportswear Company. Ribbed neckline.

T-shirt - 24794 t-shirt

Short sleeve T-shirt, composed entirely of cotton jersey. Ribbed neckline. Chest pocket, above which is the Stone Island logo print.

Short-sleeved cotton T-shirt- 2ns93

Short-sleeved cotton T-shirt. On the front side a small print of the Stone Island's wind rose, in a central position. On the back of the t-shirt a big inscription of "Stone Island". COmpostion: 100% cotton

Short-sleeve polo shirt - 22S18 polo slim strech

Short-sleeve polo shirt in stretch cotton. Ribbed neckline and sleeve edge, with two parallel pinstripes. Polo is closed by two buttons. The square logo of the Stone Island's wind rose is applied on the chest. At the sides on the bottom are applied two slits. 

Short sleeve polo shirt - 22S67

Short sleeve polo shirt in cotton. Garment-dyed and then over-dyed with special pigments, in order to create not only a iridescent effect, but also a very deep and unique color. The collar and the sleeve edges are ribbed. Polo closed by two buttons.

Short-sleeved polo shirt- 22257

Short-sleeved polo shirt, made of cotton jersey. Garment-dyed and treated with a special process called "Fissato", which consists of a water-soluble resin coating. The neck is closed by two buttons and is ribbed. Stone Island's windrose-logo is on the chest, tone-on-tone.

Short-sleeved polo shirt- 20514

Short-sleeved polo shirt, made of stretch cotton. The neck is closed with three buttons and is ribbed. Small Stone Island star embroidered on chest. 

Cotton cargo pants- 3S2WA

Cotton cargo pants. Garment-dyed trousers with aging effect. This effect is obtained through a special dye formula, followed by discolouration of the finished garment, in order to obtain a slightly worn effect.

3 Layers Jacket with hood- 41023 3l tc

Jacket with "bomber" cut created with an extremely light fabric. The fabric consists of 3 layers, the outer one in opaque nylon, it is laminated to a second layer, which has breathability, anti-water and anti-wind properties. The innermost layer is made of polyester. The item of clothing was dyed and also treated with an anti-drop agent.

Jacket with hood- 45047 nylon metal bomber

Jacket with non detachable hood and central zip closure. Two side pockets with zip closure. Cuffs and waist made of stretch fabric. The fabric used to make this garment is Nylon Metal, exclusive fabric of Stone Island. The garment was dyed with special color recipes and an elaborate double dye formula that gives the fabric the particularity of the color...

Jacket with hood- 40827 soft shell

Jacket, with hood, made with a 3-layer fabric, which is resistant to a water column of 8000 MM. The outer face has a jersey look, it is flexible and thanks to its flexibility, the garment is characterized by its optimal comfort. The inner layer has characteristics such as breathability, resistance to wind and water.

Jacket in opaque nylon-Rep - 41322 sailor

Jacket, with hood, in reps fabric made of opaque nylon. This fabric originally derives from the military sphere. The weft yarns lend themselves to be tightly woven in order to obtain a compact surface, which confers a windproof quality on the garment. The addition of a special anti-drop agent, which is sprayed on the finished garment, makes the garment...

Pertex quantum jacket with hood- 40221 pertex + primaloft

Men's jacket with hood. The jacket is made of Pertex Quantum fabric with Primaloft, a new generation fabric that is highly performing, combining the maximum lightness and thermal comnfort: it guarantees the highest heat / weight ratio.

Wooljacket- 41832 bomber R 4 layer

Woolen jacket with hood. Zipper closure with double slider. Two side pockets with zip closure. Garment made of 4L Stretch Panno-R, with 4 layers. The outer layeris stretch wool, provided with water repellent treatment. Above this layer lies a membrane that is wind resistant and highly breathable. The garment also received an anti-drop treatment.

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Down jacket- 40521 bomber pertex quantum ultra light

Hooded down jacket with central zipper. Two side pockets with hidden zip. Inner pocket with button closure. Garment made of fabric "Pertex Quantum y Down", which offers a perfectly balanced combination of lightness and quality in terms of performance (breathability, water and wind resistance, anti-drop agent). Available also in blue navy.

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Sweater - 63840

Ghost pieces are based on the concept of camouflage and are entirely monochromatic. Even their STONE ISLAND badges have been created in special mono-colour versions to blend with the garment.

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Sweater- 63019 frosted 100% cotton

Hooded sweatshirt with zipper. Frosted effect and treatment to give the effect of aging. Two pockets with concealed zippers.

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T-shirt - 2ML83 t-shirt long sleeve logo

Long sleeves T-Shirt with ribbed collar and cuffs. Stone Island logo in front, on the back print of the wind rose.

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Sweater- 62719 frosted 100% cotton

 Crewneck weatshirt. Frosted effect and treatment to give the effect of aging. 

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Sweater Man - 50BC4

Crew neck knit in lightweight wool. Ribbed cuffs and bottom hem. The model wears size M

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Soft Shell Jacket - Q0622

Soft shell-R jacket with hood, created with a three ply performance material with an 8000 millimeters water column. It is not only water but also wind resistant. On the outside it has a jersey look, on the inside it is provided with a fleece ply.

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Men sweater- 561D4 100% merino wool frosted effect

Crewneck sweater. The appearance of the garment is made especially by the treatments and washes to finished garment. Unique and distinctive features are the uneven effect of the color.

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Men sweater - 539A3 leambswool

Crew neck sweater. Contrast piping on the sleeves.

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Hooded sweatshirt - 540A3

Hooded sweatshirt with with double cursor zip. Two side pockets. Ribbed ends. Sleeves decorated with two white borderlines. Equipped with certification of autheticity. 

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Men sweater - 512B1

Crewneck sweater made of wool. The color effect is melange. 

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Man Sweater - 505D2

Crew neck knit in chenille.  Ribbed bottom hem and cuffs. The model wears size M

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Down Jacket - 40324 bomber down light

Ultra leightweight nylon jacket dyed with particular colour recipes, in addition to an anti-drop agent. The feathers is directly injected, it guarantees extreme lightweight and comfort. Insertion in nylon fabric under the sleeves. Packable item, that can be folded and stowed in its own pocket.  The model wears size M. 

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Down Jacket - 40223 bomber nylon crinkle

Genuine down jacket in a light nylon rep, filled with the finest down. The lightweight combined with comfort is achieved through the direct feather injection. The garment has been dyed with particular colour recipes, in addition to an anti-drop agent. Provided with hood and vertical pockets, as well as with a  square pocket on the outer face. 

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Pants Man- 3s206

Pants in stretch cotton. Garment-dyed. Slim fit. Diagonal pockets. Two large snap flap pockets on legs. Two back pockets with snap. Zipper and button fastening. The model wears size 31

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Woolen cap- N01B7 100% wool

The particular look of this item is achieved by special garment dye and treatment procedure. 

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Man long sleeve T-shirt- 20745

Long sleeve T-Shirt. Garment-dyed. Ribbed neckline. Overlock bands at sides. Overlock trim at cuffs. Overlock bottom trim, higher back. The model wears size M

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Pants Man- 302WN slim strech

Chino pants in brushed cotton tela. Garment dyed to create the 'OLD' effect, an exclusive dyeing treatment and subsequent fading on the finished garment .Slim fit. Diagonal pockets with cotton tape in the opening. Two back pockets with hidden snap. Button fly. The model wears size 32

Jeans - J2ZG5

Five-pocket jeans in blue stretch denim.Scratching and localized hand whiskering for a vintage effect; stone washed for 2 hours. Skinny fit. Zip and button fastening. Stone Island badge attached to the back pocket with buttons, with the option to store it inside the jeans. The model wears size 30

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T-shirt Man- 2NS80

Short-sleeved T-shirt. Garment dyed. Vertical print with graphic motif on the front. The model wears size M

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Trousers - 302WN Slim

Slim trousers in cotton with two pockets. The model wears size 32. 100% cotton

Trousers - 3CZJM Gabardine Strech Skinny

Trousers skinny in stretch cotton. The model wears the size 32 96% Cotton 4% Elastan