Down Jackets Trence Woman

Trench Down Jacket for Woman. 

Women's trench coat padded with down, a classic in both men's and women's wardrobe. This is a special type of raincoat, double-breasted, to protect from wind and rain, and generally characterized  from a flap on the upper back, which allows water to slide better along that part. 



Long jacket with knitted inserts- PI0699D 39766 knit + nuage

Long jacket with knitted inserts. Collar, back, along the side of the jacket the main fabric is wool. Standing collar.

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Long down jacket- YUUKI MP1031 trench

Trenchcoat with zipper closure and button closure. Two side pockets with waterproof zip closure. Detachable down jacket through two zippers inside. Down jacket with standing neck and two side pockets with hidden zip. Padded of genuine feather.

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