45 € - 360 €

With K-Way you can challenge any weather condition. You must not fear the Whims of the sky!

K-Way is the waterproof jacket par excellence. Lightness and reversibility  are its undisputed characteristics, it has always been a great classic of any wardrobe.

Did you maybe think K-Way was prerogative of sport and outdoor activities? you will certainly have to change your mind.

The K-Way is a passepartout garment and in recent years wearing it is not only functional but also extremely trendy. Easy to carry with you, practical, light, is there more to wish for than this? It gives also a touch of color to the most gloomy days! 

It is the ideal garment for those who spend long days away from home and need a comfortable and efficient garment.

Discover the K-Way jackets for men and women on Bertamini Shop, find the perfect K-Way jacket for you and face together the most adverse weather conditions with style and comfort!

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K Way